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Fortville Area Resource Mission (FARM)

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Mission Statement:

The mission of FARM is to serve our community by providing food relief, and showing the love and grace of Christ to all who come into contact with this mission.

About Us:

Inspired by the collaborative efforts of many of the Fortville area churches, the FORTVILLE AREA RESOURCE MISSION (FARM) was established in 2020 to help provide food relief and spiritual help for families in Vernon Township and the surrounding areas. 2020 was a year full of hardship for many due to the effects of the virus pandemic. We were a temporary COVID emergency site for Gleaners but have recently become an official Gleaners site. The food pantry that was operating out of Fortville Christian Church grew from serving 50 families a week last winter before the pandemic to over 160 families a week as we approach 2021.

Due to the high volume of guests needing help with food relief in Vernon Township and the surrounding areas, we continue to reach out to many different organizations and churches in the Fortville area asking for financial donations, food donations, and volunteer help. We continue to be blown away by the help that continues to come our way to feed families.  We have learned that we can do more for our community with everyone working together.  The reason the FORTVILLE AREA RESOURCE MISSION was established was to join forces by coming together with different resources to serve our community.  There have been weeks where we are concerned that we will not have enough food to serve our clientele.  But every time God provides what is needed.  God has been faithful to provide for this ministry. We want to continue to trust in Him to care for those who are in need in our community.


It is the intent of the FORTVILLE AREA RESOURCE MISSION to serve our community by providing food relief showing the love and grace of Christ to all who come into contact with this mission. We are hopeful that this mission will grow into more than just food relief.  We see the need for things like counseling services, addiction recovery support, and employment hiring services.  We hope to become one of the most trusted and effective charitable organizations in the Fortville area working hard to improve the lives of those in need.

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Fortville Area Resource Mission (FARM) has created the initiative: Weekly Tuesday Food Pantry

Fortville Area Resource Mission (FARM)

Our pantry hours are on Tuesdays from 12:30-2:30. We work with the churches of the Fortville area to provide services in our surrounding communities. The churches that sponsor our programs include Fortville Christian Church, Fortville Nazarene Church, Mercy Road, New Life Fellowship and St. Thomas Catholic Church. We are also a mobile pantry site for Gleaners. Our hope is to provide an evening option to our pantry program. Volunteers are needed to make this future dream a reality.

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