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Hancock County Women’s Resource Center

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide mentoring, guidance, and connection to programs and services that help women and their families achieve self-sufficiency

The Women’s Resource Center uses close connections with women in the community to achieve its mission. The Board of Directors is comprised of women from all areas of the county with diverse backgrounds. This diversity provides a broad perspective of the challenges faced by women in the community.

In addition to listening to the voices of women in the Hancock County Community, the Women’s Resource Center works closely with local social services and governmental agencies. Through collaboration with partnering agencies, the Women’s Resource Center is better able to provide a holistic approach in addressing the issues affecting women’s ability to become self-sufficient.

About Us:

Founded in 2014, the Women’s Resource Center was born out of the work of the Women’s Fund of Hancock County, Indiana and with their continued grant funding each year. We help women navigate life's hurdles, access community services, develop new skill sets, and move their lives forward, one step at a time, enabled through a close mentoring relationship with built-in accountability checkpoints. By providing this service to women we help make them strong, ready to face life’s challenges. When a woman is strong, so too is her family, her neighborhood, and her entire community. 

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