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Greenfield Main Street

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Mission Statement:

Since 2008, our non-profit organization has been working diligently to put Greenfield on the map. Our mission is, and always has been, to inform residents and visitors alike about the great events, industry, and attractions in the city’s downtown, and bring an enthusiastic awareness of the Greenfield area to everyone!

As part of the National Main Street Initiative, we use their patented “Four Points” approach to do just that. These four points are the foundation or our organizational momentum and include:

  • Organization
  • Promotion
  • Economic Vitality
  • Design

About Us:

A Great Place to Be

Downtown Greenfield is more than a collection of buildings. It is also Greenfield’s crossroads, a place in our hearts and minds that evokes strong emotions and helps define our identity. Since 2008, Greenfield Main Street, Inc. has played a crucial role in the overall image and livelihood of Downtown Greenfield, where social events, government, and commerce intersect. Our vision is to create a vibrant and prosperous Downtown Greenfield that attracts tourism while preserving Greenfield’s architectural heritage. Since 2010, Greenfield Main Street has awarded over $142,000 in facade grants leveraging over $800,000 in improvements.

Greenfield Main Street is a volunteer community-driven effort to bring about positive change in Greenfield’s downtown for both its business owners and residents. Dedicated to fostering enthusiasm and prosperity in downtown Greenfield, our mission is to highlight all the wonderful things our city and our area has to offer!

Greenfield Main Street is part of the national Main Street initiative and we use their “Four-Point Approach” to foster our vision of prosperity through business recruitment, community events, marketing and promotions, architectural preservation, and beautification of the downtown area.

Membership opportunities are available too! By becoming a member of Greenfield Main Street, you will be adding to the momentum. Help us keep Downtown Greenfield the proud heart of Hancock County.

For more information about the city of Greenfield, or to join Greenfield Main Street, Inc. in our efforts, please call us at (317) 649-0890.

Why Volunteer:

WANT TO BE A PART OF IT ALL? Become a Greenfield Main Street Volunteer!

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